The Future of fashion is inclusive.

Rooted in universal design principles, Vollbrecht Adaptive Consulting is an adaptive consulting firm that works with brands and organizations looking to reach the 15% of the world population with a disability.

We work with clients that are looking to ease into inclusive updates through product evaluation and marketing revisions, all the way to clients looking to establish or expand their adaptive collections. In addition, we do guest lectures, workshops, and panels to help universities and groups incorporate adaptive design and disability inclusion into their curricula and organizational activities.

Over the past 3 years, we have worked with a variety of clients, all with their own unique approach to disability inclusion. More information on the type of work done with each client can be found below or on our clients page.

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Consulting Services

Vollbrecht Adaptive Consulting's consulting services are based on a three-prong approach of education, evaluation, and evolution.
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Guide clients through their adaptive and inclusive design journeys, from education and initial idea through production to marketing and sales. Partner with clients to build the skills and teams needed to establish an adaptive or universally designed collection/brand.

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Analyze current product offerings to determine existing adaptive solutions and create adaptive capsules of existing styles. Assess product detail pages through lens of target customer. Identify areas for accessibility improvement and partner to develop inclusive solutions and technologies.

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Educate brands, organizations, and universities about adaptive and universal design principles, technology, and considerations. Host and participate in lectures, speaking engagements, educational workshops, and fashion shows to further adaptive and universal design.

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Current & Past Clients

A sample of our clients and the work done for each client is below. Click on any of the clients below to learn more.
Additional Clients

About Tracy Vollbrecht

A professional headshot of founder and consultant Tracy. She is a white woman with long red hair that is wavy. She wears a white button down V-neck shirt under a black blazer.

Tracy Vollbrecht

Founder & Consultant
With work featured in WWD, Vogue, Oprah Daily, and Cosmopolitan, Tracy is a recognized adaptive and universal design consultant with experience advising and educating start-up and corporate brands, universities, and organizations. Her first experience in this space came when she unknowingly put universal design principles into action to help her dad manage his Multiple Sclerosis. Previously, Tracy served as the founding designer of JuniperUNLTD's adaptive brands, Yarrow and ULEX. Combining her men’s and women’s wear design experience with her universal and adaptive knowledge, she develops customized strategies for each client to achieve their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

Work Featured in

Screenshot of Vogue article featuring Yarrow. The title of the article reads "With Yarrow, Adaptive Clothing Moves Into the Contemporary Market". Below the title is a photo of two women wearing Yarrow adaptive clothing.


Yarrow, the women's adaptive brand Tracy helped found, was highlighted in Vogue for being fashion forward and accessible.
Screenshot of WWD article featuring Yarrow and other adaptive clothing. The title of the article reads "QVC Boosts Adaptive, Accessible Product Offerings.". Below the title are various adaptive clothing and technology images.

Women's Wear Daily

The adaptive wrap dress Tracy designed was spotlighted in a WWD article. The dress is currently for sale through QVC.
A screenshot of an Oprah Daily article featuring Yarrow clothing. The article is titled, "This Brand Offers Stylish Clothign Specifically for People with Disabilities." Below the title is a photo of a Latina women in a wheelchair wearing Yarrow adaptive clothing.

Oprah Daily

Oprah Daily spotlighted the accessible and functional features of adaptive brand Yarrow, for which Tracy served as founding designer.
A photo from the TV show "Fashion Dis" of a blue ULEX track jacket and grey ULEX pants on a white male mannequin seated in a mannequin wheelchair.

Fashion Dis

Men's and women's adaptive athleisure brand, ULEX, which Tracy helped found, was featured on the Canadian TV show Fashion Dis.

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